Brand Visualization & TV Programs

If the object is to leave your mark in the mind of the viewer, then find the media message that matches. As brand is an embodiment of identity, find the magic of why it exists.
TV production portfolio:

Lagunitas - The Intergalactic Brand Commercial

Lagunitas have been rocking the world with their tuneful social media marketing: mixing business and pleasure with beer and music. The elixir is so good that the global giants Heineken bought their whole stock and barrel; opening them up to bigger beer markets for the once upon a time backroom craft brewers. But their strange brew of branding is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, so they called us in to make it palatable to the European populous.

Working with their Creative Director Fred Abercrombie (who cooked up the timeline concept), we shot the Bay Area exterior and combined it with studio footage to nail the precision needed to begin the animated timeline that unfolds from the bottle's label. Happily, we were able to use footage from many of our previous shoots and created some other fine assets with the help of our visual effects artist Vinicius Brandão. We think it really gives that intergalactic sense of where this fabulous brand comes from - their roots and their hoots!