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If the object is to leave your mark in the mind of the viewer, then find the media message that matches. As brand is an embodiment of identity, find the magic of why it exists.
TV production portfolio:

Kicked out at 18, on the streets for 20 years searching for home

"Home is where the heart is," says Aaron who's mother told him to "get out" the day he turned 18 years old. He spent the next 20 years being homeless and coping with drug and alcohol addiction, until the day when he walked in to Mill Street and was told he was safe.

I find that filming these emotive and evocative mini docs solo, allows for an added intimacy, with my camera as a witness to their personal journey. I remain in eye contact with the interviewees as much as possible which keeps a personal connection and allows the viewer access to the rawest storytelling. The rapport I build beforehand gives way for this intimacy on camera and is built during the initial 'master interview' stage when the client is present helping to monitor the verbal content to align with brand goals.

This mini documentary is the second of the 2017 series that illustrates the primary brand services that are offered by this incredible non-profit - Homeward Bound Of Marin. It has been wonderful to help them with brand positioning, scripted messaging and create this documentary format. Focussing on the human story of homelessness and bringing shelter, housing, training and hope; these films are screened at public events and shared on social media to raise brand awareness and help drive donations. Please find out more ways you might be able to support this powerful work at