Brand Visualization & TV Programs

If the object is to leave your mark in the mind of the viewer, then find the media message that matches. As brand is an embodiment of identity, find the magic of why it exists.
TV production portfolio:

A Night Of Heroes: ITV (UK primetime)

These three interviews rank amongst my most delicate as a Producer/Director and Director of Photography. Monitoring the interviews were Commanding Officers and military PR officers. This was a primetime live program with the Royal Family in attendance that played in these documentary inserts.

With the first interview, I was telephoned by the English TV documentary crew and had less than 24 hours to organize the shoot. I booked a flight and started to read the script which would require an honest and open recounting of the day that they nearly died. Unfortunately, not everyone survived.

These clips are from an ITV award program called A Night Of Heroes- The Sun Military Awards