Brand Visualization & TV Programs

If the object is to leave your mark in the mind of the viewer, then find the media message that matches. As brand is an embodiment of identity, find the magic of why it exists.
TV production portfolio:

SuperStorm Sandy: NatGeo re-enactment & key interviews

Within 24 hours, I was on a plane to NOAA's National Hurricane Center to shoot key scientific interviews for the National Geographic fast turnaround documentary. They also needed several re-enactments of events leading up to Sandy hitting the US, including 15 scientists in the briefing room. Whilst at NOAA, I realized how crucial and much more engaging the story would be, if I interviewed an additional scientist in order to explain how important scientific data gathered from their flights was critical for emergency services evacuating people. Working with my sound recordist, we had 10 mins to set up the interview and 20 mins to ask questions.

Before leaving the building, I was phoned by the production team in London and asked to shoot solo and fly straight to Nashville for an extreme weather conference interview, and then fly straight to Oklahoma. On my way to the interview, the series producer phoned to tell me that the interview I was about to shoot would become the opening story for the program. Sadly, the first US life to be claimed by Sandy.

There was less than 12 hours before they needed the rushes so I uploaded an audio assembly so that they could begin cutting back in London. As I took my last flight back to California, I had to create a rough cut of the interview so that it could be uploaded as soon as I touched the ground.

As a shooting Producer/Director, I was receiving scripts and briefings as I travelled and co-ordinating with several members of the production staff back in London at Pioneer Productions.

The TV show broadcast 4 days earlier than any other channel.